Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An update

Just back from Dr. Neel's and an afternoon in the treatment center. Mike's now had two treatments. He'll be off next week, then go back for two more.

Here's some of what the doctor said: It was a little bit shocking to see the progression Mike's cancer had made.
He called it "dramatically worse." There are numerous areas in the liver, with the one spot that was 1 cm now close to 5 cm. Some of the lymph nodes in his chest have grown to the point that if they get much bigger could keep his lungs from fully expanding.

So that really sucks. But there was some hope. For one, he said the liver is a pretty remarkable organ in that the tumors really have to be massive for there to be trouble. And right now, Mike's not having any problem breathing.

I asked this question: Are we at a point where this is life threatening? Dr. Neel said no. Right now, all of Mike's organs are functioning and he's not having any cancer-related symptoms. What the situation is though is a warning and an alert telling us we have to get back on chemo. If growth continues unchecked and can't be brought under control, then it becomes life threatening. And the chemo that Mike's on has a proven track record with him and we just have to be hopeful it works again.

So that's what we're doing. Hoping and praying.

And we're also trying to stay warm. It's been FREEZING -- in Florida. Julia has the right idea -- flannel pajamas, a blanket and a favorite book. (Just had to throw in a picture of her for good measure.)


some asian guy said...

we'll be hoping and praying with you all that the tide can be turned again. hang in, guys.

CarmeliaYong said...

awh. :( hope everything goes well for you guys.