Thursday, January 21, 2010

More waiting

Mike is still weak today, still struggling to talk, sit up and eat. I asked the doctor WHEN he is going to start feeling better. The answer: It will take some time. They say that because he's been on chemo for a year and a half, it has a cumulative effect and it takes a while to bounce back from something like this.

He did sit up for a bit today and after threat of a feeding tube, he finally drank a protein shake, had some juice and ate applesauce. It's the first he's eaten since Sunday morning. The dietician said he wouldn't get any better if he wasn't getting some nutrition. They're counting his calories tonight to see what he can get in him. I guess if he doesn't meet a certain level, he'll be getting a tube down his nose. I am really really really praying that won't happen. Hopefully they will see he is making some effort.

He also actually watched some TV, sports of course. And I read some of the newspaper to him. I was happy to report to him that Maria Sharapova is out of the Australian Open.

Lisa decided to stay a couple more days and I'm actually going to go into work for a few hours tomorrow, so I don't use up all my sick time this week. If anyone wants to email me, it's

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