Monday, January 18, 2010

Please pray

Mike is in the hospital. He's been having a lot of side effects from chemo, which culminated in him getting dehydrated and having low blood pressure and low blood counts, in addition to a really bad bloody nose.

This morning, he was so weak, he couldn't walk. We went to the emergency room and they admitted him. They've been giving him fluids and various medications and platelets to get his counts back up. The bleeding finally stopped and he's been resting all day.

Dr. Neel stopped in this afternoon and said he thought Mike should be feeling better in a couple days. Part of the problem is that Mike is so stubborn, he didn't get help earlier in the week and let it go so long. I think he's learned his lesson on that.

But later tonight, Mike developed a fever and the nurses fear he's got an infection, which he won't be able to fight because he has no white blood cells. They're trying to pinpoint what it is, and are giving him antibiotics in the meantime.

Please keep us in your prayers. This is a really scary time.


Wilcox clan said...

I'm praying! So sorry to hear Mike is in the hospital.
Amy Wilcox

some asian guy said...

on the way.

ryukyusoul said...

I'm just a random passerby that stumbled on your blog, but I had to comment and just say that you are in my prayers.