Sunday, January 24, 2010

Up and down

It's starting to seem like as soon as I write Mike's making some progress, the next day he's feeling like crap again. And so it is with today. This morning, he was a little more alert and active, reading the newspaper again.

I went home to give my mom a break and see Julia for a bit and when I came back he was again barely speaking or able to move. A nurse described him as "profoundly weak."

I was really hoping today he would start feeling better. His white blood cells are up to 2.9. They were .20 just two days ago. So that is good.

I just want him to feel better. I am nearly losing my mind so I can only imagine how he must be doing. I mean, how long can this go on? I just want our normal little life back.

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andrea bille said...

Hi Carrie,

Have been keeping up with the situation by way of Lisa and through here. Feel so awful about all of this. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Mike has always been a source of caring, laughter and wit. Please let him know that so many of us are pulling for all of you.

Andrea Bille (Lacca)