Wednesday, September 30, 2009



So this is what Julia's room looked like for the first three years of her life: Yellow, green and blue moons and stars. Why? Because someone in this family -- I won't mention names -- didn't want to find out if we were having a boy or girl. So the room is cute, but certainly not girly.

Until NOW:

It's a pink explosion for sure, but Julia has a room to match her fun silly little personality. Pink and green with birds and cupcakes and tissue paper pompoms and a space for a tea party! Very girly, indeed.

Maybe too much so... I'm beginning to worry it's too Pepto-Bismolish. What do you think? We'll be moving her to a toddler bed next week, and the quilt has lots of green in it, so maybe that will tone things down a bit...

Anyway, while it was fun to create a girly space for her, it also broke my heart. No more baby. I put away the mobile and the crib bumpers and all the "nursery" stuff and just wanted to cry because I won't ever have that again. And because I still remember like yesterday putting all that stuff up, getting ready to meet the new little person who would join our family, wondering what he/she would be like. Of course, I got more with Julia than I could ever imagine. But I wish she could just stay little forever.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Check it out!

I've fallen behind on my blogging. But for good reason. In addition to work and now school, we've been busy with this:

YES! Potty training! And as you can see, it's going well ... for the most part. It cracks me up because we've had this chart since February. And you might notice a lone sticker on the bottom row. It's been there since March 6. The others were just added this week.

Really, Julia's doing well. I think the problem has been us. We haven't really been consistent. We'd try her in underwear for one day, then she'd pee on the floor, and we'd throw up our hands and say she wasn't ready. We weren't ready. But I really didn't want to change the diaper of a 3-year-old. So hopefully, in the next month, we'll really get the hang of things.

And don't worry, we'll be getting the carpets cleaned here in just a few weeks!