Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not good

So, we got Mike's scan results, and well, it's not exactly the way we wish we were starting the new year...

We're going back to chemo tomorrow (Wednesday) because the tumors have grown. In the neck, chest and liver. Mike didn't get specific numbers on the phone with Dr. Neel, but he said the growth was "not subtle." We see Dr. Neel on the 13th and we'll get more specifics.

It seems there's a sense of urgency though, so the plan is to go back on the chemo that he'd been on last year, the one that had worked for him before. He'll do two cycles and then have scans again, which works out to be about mid-February. If it's not working, we'll have to move on to something else. Dr. Greco gave us two options when we visited him in Nashville. We haven't had to use the second one yet, so we do have a backup.

So yeah, it felt like a punch in the stomach yesterday, since we'd had such good news just a month ago. Thus the nature of cancer. A roller coaster. We just started noticing his neck looking a little bigger in the past two weeks. Not sure if the cancer had been growing all the time Mike wasn't on chemo or just came on all of a sudden.

But today, we're trying to be more positive. This chemo has worked before, so why can't it again? Right?


George said...

Tell Mike I'm thinking of him.

Rebecca C. said...

keep up the fight like you do well: loving like you don't know what tomorrow will bring, but believing it will be health. thinking of y'all.