Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day three

Much of the same for Mike again today. Though there have been some teeny improvements, which we'll gladly take.

He ate a couple of popsicles and drank half a soda. He hasn't had a bite of food since Sunday morning. Also the doctor wanted him to sit up today, so he sat in the chair in his room for about half an hour.

He's still just so tired and so weak. The hardest thing for me is that he's not talking, except for a word here and there. He just doesn't have the strength or energy to make the words. I miss hearing his voice.

The blood tests showed his kidneys were normal, so that is good. But his blood counts are still low. He's having another blood transfusion tonight, and he had an infusion of platelets this afternoon. He gets a shot every day of some drug that is supposed to boost his white blood cells. They just haven't gone up yet. A nurse told me today that often they will stay low and then jump up quickly.

I get the sense that this is really just a waiting game. The doctor and the nurses keep saying his counts will go up and he'll start feeling better. I just want it to happen right now.

Lisa is leaving tomorrow. She has been such a help. She went to the hospital early this morning, so I could spend some time with Julia. I hadn't seen her for days. And my mom has been watching her and helping around the house. My friend Sara is going to watch Julia on Friday so I can go into work for a little while and she made me some lasagna. Sue is coming down next week. I am so grateful to have such a good support system.

I will update everyone tomorrow.

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