Thursday, March 6, 2008

Funny girl

Our girl is quite the comedian, and there is no better thing in the world than hearing her laugh. And we've been doing that a lot lately.

Take a look at the happenings around our house the past week or so:

To occupy Julia while I was making dinner, I gave her some cake pans, some spices and some cloth napkins. It entertained her for quite some time, and me too, especially when I looked over and saw this:

Usually we snuggle up on the couch in the morning to watch Sesame Street, but on this particular day, Julia was really into Elmo and got up in front of the TV to dance:

Remember the straw beach hat? It re-emerged the other day.

And here's our foray into the world of baked ziti.

Hope every one is having a good week. We're getting so excited for our trip to West Virginia at the end of the month for the Maramba-Wise nuptuals. I'm worried Julia is going to be cuter than the groom though.... hehehehe