Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The plan

We met with Dr. Neel on Tuesday to go over the CT results. I can't remember all the numbers but one of the tumors shrunk from 3 cm to 1 cm. That sounds pretty darn good to me. Mike said he was pleased but still a little bit cautious. Dr. Neel told him to go ahead and celebrate because this is good news! How nice is that to hear at an oncologist's office?

The plan is do this chemo for two more cycles -- that's six weeks (four chemos in total). And then he'll order more scans. He says people can build up a resistance to chemo, so that's why he's going to recheck so soon. If the tumors are still shrinking Mike can continue on with this chemo as long as it's effective and he's handling it ok.

So we left the office and ventured down the hall to the chemo room to start this again. This time, it wasn't so bad because we know that this stuff can work. We'll be praying that it keeps on doing its thing... We were inspired by a little old lady who was having her second to last chemo. The nurses all cheered her and said "Yay, it's almost over." And the sweet little old lady said "Yeah, then I'm gonna go have a drink."


Anonymous said...

I was really pleased to read that Mike got great news. Keep it coming.

Bob K

Julia Kelly said...

Julia Kelly from T.Ville by way of Albany, NY says hi and its great to be able to follow Mike's progress! You guys are in our prayers.

Joelle Moran said...

So happy to hear the good news! I think of you and Mike often and pray for you all.