Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy thoughts

Does this melt your heart, or what? Julia and her little friend Landon at the playground this week. Yes, they are holding hands!

I'm trying to think happy thoughts like this one this week. It's scan week. I hate scan week. Mike is having CT scans to see if this new chemo is working. On Tuesday, he had an abdominal scan -- guess they want to see if the cancer has spread. Not something I even want to consider. And Friday, he has a scan of his head, neck and lungs. We get the results Tuesday.

We've never had good news from a scan. But we're trying to remain upbeat. The waiting is hard. I think they should have to tell you right then and there. It seems cruel not to. Yes, the tumor in Mike's neck is visibly smaller, but we're not sure if it's continued to get smaller since I posted about it last. I guess we'll get some answers next week. If there has been some progress, we'll continue on with chemo that day. If not, I guess we'll be weighing some options.

So keep your fingers crossed and please say an extra little prayer for us.

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