Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who came to Mike's celebration Sunday -- many who came from far away to be there with us. I was so happy to see everyone and be around friends and family.

I feel so bad I didn't get to spend more time with some of you. I wish we could have had the space longer. I could have sat all night with you all talking about Mike and drinking wine.

Seeing my old friends in Charleston has made me so homesick. I'll have to make some major decisions regarding that at some point... I hope you'll all still have me if I can figure out a way to come home.

And I hope Mike's cousins, many I'm just really getting to know and many I wish I knew better, will still keep in touch.

A special thank you to everyone who participated. I know speaking in public is terrifying, but it was so wonderful to hear your stories and know how much Mike was loved.

I'm a little worried now that I don't have the planning of that event to keep me occupied that the coming days could be a little difficult. Things are already so different. I had to enroll Julia in day care today (sniff, sniff). So keep us in your thoughts please. Call or email anytime. Love to all of you.

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