Friday, November 14, 2008

Try, try again

We made it back from Tennessee tired, but in one piece. We spent more time in the waiting room than we did with Dr. Greco, but he seems to really know his stuff. He had been reviewing Mike's records and labs and he seems to think Mike has neuroendocrine tumors. I don't really know what that means. Some tests indicate this cancer started in the head and neck, a molecular profile that was done this summer indicated lung cancer. This doctor thinks it's neuroendocrine.
And he's the expert.

So he gave us a new chemo -- one he says the insurance company will/should approve. It's three drugs given in an IV two times over the course of three weeks, for three cycles (that's 9 weeks). Then he wants a CT and a PET scan to see if it's working. If so, we continue. If not, he prescribed a back-up chemo.

He explained to us what needs to happen -- we need to find a chemo that will shrink the tumors and keep taking it until the tumors shrink all they're going to shrink. Then, Mike would have radiation or surgery to remove what is left. So now I can picture it in my head and I will be willing it to happen with all my might.

So, we feel like our trip was productive. We liked this guy. He played it straight with us -- you need to have your affairs in order because you never know what will happen. This cancer is very serious. But he also gave us hope -- you have to keep fighting, you have to try everything. And he's seen people get well. He also said if we're at a crossroads again, he will be glad to consult with Mike's doctor. He seems to have a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

So here's to hoping the third time is a charm.

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Anonymous said...

Carrie and Mike, keep the faith. I cannot imagine how trying these times must be. I'm thinking the Tennessee specialist is going to come through and you'll have some good news pretty soon.

You have a beautiful little toddler.

We all miss you and are thinking of you.

Bob K