Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to the recliners

The new treatment starts tomorrow morning. Three drugs. Four hours. Our doctor here is on board with what Dr. Greco recommended. (By the way, Greco is from West Virginia, Westover to be exact... I love that.)

So Mike will have chemo tomorrow, one day next week, and then he'll be off for a week. Then the cycle will start over -- one day a week for two weeks, then off the third week -- for two more cycles. Then a CT/PET scan to see if it's working.

Mike's not thrilled to be headed back to the chemo room with its bright yellow walls, chipper nurses and fake leather recliners. But he's ready to be fighting this stupid cancer again. It's been almost two months. The side effects of the new drugs are supposed to be minimal. Mike of course is planning to work tomorrow afternoon when it's over... You know how he is.

So keep your fingers crossed for us.

Oh, and several people told me "oh, that's kind of a bad photo of Julia on the Dance Party entry. Kind of blurry." That's because it's a VIDEO!! That's right, there should be a play button beneath it or you can just click on it and watch her move and groove to the music. So worth your while, if you ask me.

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Matthew Zachary said...

Stupid cancer indeed. Rock on!

Matthew Zachary
12-Year Young Adult Survivor
Founder, CEO
I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation