Monday, November 3, 2008

Tennessee bound

Finally, some positive news. We got our appointment at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center in Nashville NEXT WEEK (Bonus points for anyone who knows who Sarah Cannon is without using Google...)

We were told it could take months so we are happy that we could get in so quickly. It's Thursday, Nov. 13. The short time frame means plane tickets are way out of our price range so we're driving up Wednesday and back Friday. We're still scrambling on the details. I think my mom is going to take off work and stay here with Julia, though it kills us to be away from her.

We're just happy to see someone who specializes in this cancer. Dr. Neel is a general oncologist, and even when we went to Moffitt, while the doctor had experience with carcinoma of unknown primary, his specialty was lung cancer.

Still no word on the drug front. I'm guessing our appointment in Tennessee will come before any news so maybe it will be moot.

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Anonymous said...

I know who she is with out google, BUT I am from Nashville and have seen that straw hat with the tag hanging down my whole life.