Monday, June 23, 2008

Miss Julia

Before cancer, this blog was all about Miss Julia. I've been a little slack on that lately. So here's the latest on the cutest, sweetest, smartest, funniest toddler on the planet:

She turned 20 months old last week. I keep asking her to stop it, but clearly she's showing signs of stubborness already. Her vocabulary is out of this world. She's starting to speak in sentences. It KILLS me. She blesses people when they sneeze, and when someone coughs or a Sesame Street character (usually Grover, because he is clumsy) falls down, she asks "Are you OK, Grover?" She greets us with "Good Morning" (actually she says it all day, but that is beside the point) and she can name every object on her alphabet blocks including the xylophone. She says xylophone!!! How smart is that? She can count to 10 (although she never says four) and can sing the ABCs through G. She has grasped the concept of up and down, and upside down, and off and on, and even naked. She loves to take a mad lap around the living room post-bath, shreiking "NAKED BABY." She "reads" magazines and loves to eat fruit. Every morning at around 8:30, she comes to me and asks for "strawbabies." She loves fruit so much, that when we've been trying to get her to say her name -- Julia Grace Cherry -- she says Julia Grapes Cherries. She thinks her name is Julia Grapes Cherries! Love that.

The joy she brings to our lives is immeasurable. My heart bursts when I look at her. I can't believe I have been so blessed to be her mama.

(if you click on this picture and blow it up, you can see the filth all over her face. that's right, my sweet precious girl likes to play in the dirt...)

(this is Julia's friend Landon. He came over for a swim date last week... some days she likes him, other days she shoves him to the ground.)

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some asian guy said...

julia grapes. i love it. sounds so "sopranos."

saw charles today. he had good things to say, which was comforting.

still in our thoughts and prayers. just keep on doing. love to all.

p.s. -- glad you included my picks in the mix. hope they helped.