Friday, June 6, 2008

Bathing beauty

I just realized several posts have gone by without a pic of Miss Julia. What kind of mama am I? Here are a couple of her modeling her swimwear collection (and mimicking mama's why-are-you-bothering-me look).

After I posted about Tuesday's chemo, Mike started feeling like crud -- really tired, high fever and chills. The on-call doctor, who took my hysterical phone call, said this was typical. It was not a good night. Wednesday was a little better and by Thursday things were back to normal. We're a little leery about what the reaction might be this Tuesday since all three chemo drugs are in the mix....

We have no plans this weekend and are really happy about that -- we'll probably go out to breakfast, take naps and swim in the pool. That will be heaven after a busy few weeks.

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Nancy Burkhammer said...

Hi Carrie,

You don't know me but I used to work with Mike at the Gazette. I left in 1986 to return to school for a master's degree in counseling. My husband, Vic, is still news editor there.

We spoke with Charles about his recent trip to visit you all. He updated us and suggested I write to let you know we are keeping up with your blog and are part of the Charleston contingency of Mike's cheerleading squad.

As you noted in "I hate Tuesdays," the emotional energy expended in the hospital hanging out with a loved one really does wear you out. I took care of my dad in his final nine years of life. When he was in the hospital, even for an outpatient treatment, I felt sucked dry after dealing all day with the medical system. I'm sure both of you would rather be hanging out at the beach.

Anyway, tell Mike we are calling in our chips with The Man Upstairs and are keeping you both in our prayers. Your daughter is beautiful and what a happy diverion she must be....

God bless.