Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chemo mix

I wanted to share the songs on the kicking-cancer's-ass playlist I made for Mike to listen to do during chemo. Remember the idea was angry fightin' music...

*The Distance -- Cake
*Kashmir -- Led Zepplin
*Remedy -- The Black Crowes
*Machinehead -- Bush
*Keep Yourself Alive -- Queen
*Rainbow in the Dark -- Dio
*Enter Sandman -- Metallica
*Wake Up -- Rage Against the Machine
*Alive -- Pearl Jam
*Rebel Yell -- Billy Idol
*My Name is Mud -- Primus
*Ain't Nothing Wrong With That -- Robert Randolph & The Family Band
*Get Off My Cloud -- Rolling Stones

Thanks for all your suggestions. Let me know if you think of more...

1 comment:

Advocate Guy said...

What, no Neil Diamond??? Come on! At least "Cherry, Cherry" would be appropriate, wouldn't it? Or "Sweet Caroline?"