Monday, June 30, 2008

Busy busy

It's been a busy few days...
Mike's had a good week -- really no side effects -- and he has an appetite again, which means he's eating like crazy. I swear one day last week he had a sauasage biscuit for breakfast, a Quiznos sub and a milkshake for lunch and a Whopper and some ice cream for dinner. I am not making that up. He's put on a few of the pounds he lost so I'm sure the doctor will be pleased.

The Casales came over from Naples for the weekend. We had fun just hanging by the pool and being entertained by Julia's antics. She loooves her cousins and was quite the show-off. She did have a bit of a cold though and because I'm a nervous mom I took her in to see a doctor Saturday morning because I was afraid if I left her cough go untreated she would end up with bronchitis. The doctor nicely informed me it just was a cold and just needed to run its course. I'm sure he rolled his eyes at me when I walked out the door.

She's feeling much better now though, so we FINALLY went to get her hair cut. She was bordering on mullett. Now of course, her bangs are too short because she did not care for the stylist to be near her face and made quite a fuss. Overall, she was a champ. She loved watching herself in the mirror.

The after pic isn't that great -- you can't really see the cut -- but Julia loves this place. It's called Snip-Its and there are all kinds of fun toys and treats and bubbles. She didn't want to leave.

And if this hasn't been enough for you, we are now the proud owners of this:

The Fisher-Price Royal Potty Seat. That's right. We're embarking on potty training. Not that either of us have a clue how to do this. We're leaving that to Elmo. We bought a DVD called Elmo's Potty Time. Julia's showing some signs that she might be ready -- even if we're not. So if any of our parent friends have words of wisdom, please share them.
So that's what we've been up to. Tomorrow is our big day at chemo -- 7 hours. Both of us took the day off so that's one less thing to have to worry about. We'll be there from 10:30 until about 6, so send your positive vibes our way.


anjacara said...

My advice?
pull ups are BAD. They work so well that kids can't feel that they are wet.

But what do I know...I simply let Anja run around naked for a weekend. She wouldn't go on the floor and she had no diaper on, so she used the toilet. Then I made a big deal about being a big girl, blah, blah, blah and she was trained before she was 2.

Lisa Casale said...

Great to see you guys...thanks for everything. We're having Julia withdrawal. Love the potty seat. I agree no pull ups and make a big deal about buying big girl panties "with characters..Maybe Elmo?", when she uses the potty.
Mike hope today went well...thinking of you. Will call tomorrow. I think I can come for the July 15 day.
Love you, Lisa
PS Kim Ling is on back order...