Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One year ago today...

we welcomed Julia Grace Cherry into the world and our family. I can not believe my sweet girl is one. I can't imagine life without her -- her sweet little smile, her chubby cheeks, her hysterical laughter, her soft little body, her silly noises, her quirky personality...
How funny it is that such a tiny little being can turn your world on its head.

One year ago today,
*I weighed more than my husband.
*Epidural became my favorite word.
*We finally got to see the face of the little creature that had been kicking the crap out of me for the past several months. And what a precious face it is ...
*I never knew it was possible to be so in love with someone in just a matter of seconds.
*I didn't regularly use words like Boppy, Bumbo, sippy cup, Diaper Genie, cutie patootie, sweetie peatie... Now they are part of my vocabulary.
*We regularly had bottles of wine in the house. Now we have baby bottles.
*I used to sleep in until 9 or so. Now I'm up at 7, greeted by Miss Julia bouncing up and down in her crib because she's happy to see me. What a fabulous way to start the day.
*My house used to be spotless but now there are piles of books, toys, napkins, bibs, whatever Julia can get her hands on all over the floor.
*I didn't kiss other people's toes, but now I can't get enough of that girl's sweet little feet. I just want to eat her with a spoon!
*I wasn't one to say a lot of prayers but now I thank God every night for giving me this most precious gift and asking for help so that I won't mess up too badly.

Some pics of our baby from her first year of life.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday, Julia! Can't wait to see you in January.

Nana's friend, Nancy from Illinois

some asian guy said...

belated happy birthday, little girl! you are indeed a cutie patootie. (i can only assume your mommy started using that word for you since you came into the world. not that you're not cute, mikey.)