Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blue jean baby

Look at that face! Too cute.

And look at those jeans. Aren't they adorable? A gift from Aunt Sue a few months ago. Thanks, Aunt Sue. She's just now fitting in them and we love them. They're covered in tiny pink flowers.
And next month when it gets a little cooler, Julia will be sporting a blue jean dress from Aunt Lisa. And you can count on pictures of that too!

And I just have to share these photos. For the past year, I have refrained from putting little ribbons or headbands in Julia's hair because I just thought they were silly. But today, I thought I'd give them a try And OH MY, isn't this sooo funny? Mike came home and declared she looked like Pebbles Flintstone...

By the way, we're under one week until Julia's big day...

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some asian guy said...

will you get mad if i think she kind of has a mike look on her face in the second blue jean picture?