Friday, February 26, 2010

Fattening up

We got some GOOD news today. Mike had his CT scans this week and saw Dr. Neel today. The lump in his neck has reduced. His chest is stable. The liver, they aren't really sure. If there was growth, it was minimal. So those two chemos he had a month and a half ago that started this whole ordeal were working.

But Mike's weight has dropped a lot this past month. He's down to 150. A skinny minnie. Dr. Neel wants him to gain some back before he returns to chemo. So in the next couple weeks, he's going to be eating A LOT. He's already started. On the way home from the doctor, he stopped and got a foot-long meatball sub and a Shamrock shake. Lord, I hope the efforts to fatten him up don't rub off on me...

So within the next three weeks, he should be returning to chemo. They will probably try to tweak the dosages to avoid a repeat of last time. But in the meantime, we are feeling incredibly blessed.


Anonymous said...

very good to hear! tell them to give Mike a huge dose of prednisone. He will have an uncontrollable appetite and will gain it back fast. As noted, it is wonderful to know treatment is working. As for me, I am looking at 10 inches of snow on my bird feeder and remembering feb. saturdays at Suntree in the 80s when I used to get up, go down the stairs, walk across the apartment parking lot, and catch huge bass in the ponds near the clubhouse. Oh well. God bless all three of you -- Bob K

Wilcox clan said...

Awesome news about Mike! So glad to hear it. I am so jealous about him getting to eat as much as possible as I am now on the Jenny Craig diet. Eat a donut on me!
Love you Mike!
Love, Amy Wilcox