Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chugging along

That's what we're doing, chugging along. Mike is feeling much better these days and is ready to return to work on March 1. Can you believe he's been out a month and a half? Crazy.

I'm ready for him to get back to work too, so I can have the remote back. (kidding...)

Last week, there were a few setbacks with his walking. His feet and knees were swollen and for a few days he was in a lot of pain. He saw some doctors, got some meds, and is back on his merry way.

He had to postpone his CT scan though because of the feet/knee thing, so that takes place tomorrow and we see Dr. Neel at the end of the week.

And as you can see, a certain someone still isn't leaving Mike's side:

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some asian guy said...

this makes us happy. prayers still going up. (and julia is looking so big!) great news, guys!