Thursday, February 12, 2009

A wise move

What a good thing the port is. The nurses just pop the IV right in there and Mike didn't even feel a thing. Chemo on Tuesday was a breeze. I can't help but wonder though ... will Mike beep when he goes through airport security?

We saw Dr. Neel before we went to the infusion center and he was looking at Mike's neck and said his gut feeling is that the tumor is still getting smaller. He can't say with certainty because it's been three weeks since he's seen Mike and he's just eyeballing it. But he is certain it's not getting bigger. We'll take that.

So Mike has chemo next week and then will get new scans the week after. Could we possibly get two good scans in a row? I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my prayers flowing.

Mike's feeling pretty good -- seriously, he covered a soccer game hours after chemo. Well, actually, the game was canceled because of a shin guard violation (gasp!) but he worked nonetheless. Check out the story

And a day after chemo he drove back and forth to Tampa for a playoff game. And today's he's driving back and will be there until Saturday. He seriously never stops.

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some asian guy said...

this is good. we're still nagging the Lord to keep working the miracle.