Friday, February 27, 2009

That was fast

More IMPROVEMENT! So said the message on our answering machine this evening from the nurse at Dr. Neel's office. I wasn't even sure we would hear anything and if we did, I figured Monday at the earliest. So I nearly dropped my Target bags on the floor after I pressed play.

All the message said was that the scan shows improvement in the neck and chest and that they would see us next week. One sentence. The relief and joy and gratitude to God were just as strong as the first time we heard good news. In the back of our minds, we were worried that the chemo had perhaps stalled out. Let's face it, we had solid bad news for seven months in a row. And we know it's not over, but we'll take every bit of good news we can.

I just can't stop saying "Thank you, God." Thank you for letting me get to keep my husband a little bit longer. Thank you for letting Julia have her dada a little bit longer. Thank you for letting us get to do something we couldn't even fathom a few months ago -- make plans. That's right, we're thinking a vacation is in order this summer, maybe even for our 5th anniversary. Any suggestions?

Thank you to our friends and family for all of your prayers. We feel blessed to have so many people out there rooting for us. I also think I'm going to send Dr. Greco a note. I just want to thank him for seeing us, for recommending this chemo, for giving us hope. Would that be corrny?

Anyway, we'll get more details on Wednesday. Mike's supposed to have chemo that day, but he's going to ask for a break, just a week off. I would say he deserves it.


Anonymous said...

Great News! I'm so happy for you. It was so good to see you and sweet Julia last week. She's a real charmer.


Advocate Guy said...

That's fantastic! You deserved some good news.
And yes, definitely send the note. I think doctors are a lot like newspapers - they usually hear only the bad stuff. One happy note makes up for a bunch of unhappy people.

GDirty said...