Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waiting game

Mike having chemo every three weeks is good and it's bad, I've decided.

It's good that we're not having to make trips to the infusion center every week, that Mike's not feeling run down all the time and that as soon as he starts to feel better, it starts all over again. It's good that his hair has even started to grow back.
Things have become very normal at our house.

But last night, I had a mini meltdown because it just struck me -- my God, Mike has cancer.
It's not like we've forgotten, but the downside of having treatment every three weeks is that it almost seems like nothing is wrong or it almost feels like we're not fighting. Mike said he wishes he were seeing the doctor every single week. It would be good to hear how things are going. Are we making progress? Are any of the tumors shrinking?
It's just the nature of this chemo, that we just have to wait. His next appointment with the doctor and his next chemo are Sept. 24. Guess where I'll be? JURY DUTY! Can you believe that?

Anyway, we've got a fun weekend coming up to help distract us from all this. Both of the Cherry sisters will be here, as well as Uncle Frank, Nick and Madison. We haven't all been together since...well since I don't know when. Yikes. This will be the first time Aunt "Soup" will be in the same room with both her nieces and her nephew. We really do need to move closer.

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