Monday, August 11, 2008

A girl and her Elmo

Mike and I said we weren't going to be "those" parents -- the ones who spend obscene amounts of money at a theme park for a child too young to remember or appreciate the experience.

But when I read in the paper that Sesame Street was putting on a production this summer at SeaWorld, all rules went out the window. Julia loooooves her Elmo.

The lines, the crowds, the scorching August Florida heat, the $7.29 kid meal were sooo worth it just for this moment:

Another good moment -- the look on her face when Elmo, Abby, "Cookies" Monster, Grover and Rosita came on stage:

More pictures from our day. The first one is me trying to get Julia to tell Elmo bye-bye. She wanted to stay and play with him:

By the way, we still have every intention of telling Julia that Disney World is really, really far away until she's at least 5, maybe 6.

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anjacara said...

Good luck with that.
Anja learned real quick that Disney was in Florida.