Friday, August 29, 2008

A date with chemo, Part 2

We just got back from Dr. Neel's office and we are back in the game. Mike starts a new chemo on Wednesday. There are two drugs -- alimta and avastin. One of them only takes 10 minutes. The other about two hours. So no more super long days. And it's only once every three weeks.

The side effects of both are minimal -- nothing compared the previous chemo. Mike's holding out hope his hair will grow back! One drug comes with a rare but serious risk of stroke. It happens in about one percent of patients. So I guess we're proceeding with some caution. Mike is ready to get rolling. It' s been nice not to have chemo for a month but feels better when he's actually doing something to fight this stupid thing. Please keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming that this will be the one that does the trick.

P.S. Savannah was fun but I missed Julia so bad I couldn't stand it! I just love that little ball of curls and giggles too much to be away from her so long. But it was nice being with Mike in a city that we love so much. We're still pretty cute, I think...

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