Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three men and a baby

We're having a fun visit with Tom and Rick this weekend. Although, I'm not so sure Tom and Rick's idea of fun is watching an almost-2-year-old dance in front of the sliding glass doors all evening long (because she LOVES seeing her reflection) or listening to the ABCs 20 times in a row or singing Old McDonald... hehehe

Julia sure loves having an audience. Such a show off, that girl.

Anyway, we made a quick stop after breakfast Saturday to the beach because we thought since the guys were in Florida, they should at least SEE the ocean. It was fun to hand over my camera. I have so few pics of me and Julia.

So, up next for us this week:

Monday -- CT scan

Tuesday -- chemo

Wednesday -- appointment with Dr. Neel to get the results of the CT scan

Positive thoughts, positive thoughts...

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Advocate Guy said...

Can anyone rank, in order of maturity, the four people in the top picture? I would guess Rick gets the top spot. After that ...