Saturday, July 19, 2008


This month marks three years that Mike and I have been in Florida. Some days it feels like we've been here forever. As we were doing our annual evaluations for work (yes, at Gannett, you have to evaluate yourself) it occured to us that there are people in the newsroom, that even after three years, we've never spoken so much as a word to. Nor they to us. I'm talking, like, a dozen or so for each of us. And by newsroom I mean, editors, photographers, reporters, editorial staff, etc. We just never connected here. It's not that kind of place. Plus, working at night and having a baby makes it more difficult.

This news must STUN our former co-workers at the Daily Mail, where not only did we all work together, but spent our out-of work hours together too. It was more like a family there. I really miss that. I check in with my friend Philip's blog ( to see what everyone is up to. There's the chili cook-off, porch parties, the farmers market, drinks after work..

And I so desperately want Julia to have seasons -- I want her to be able to jump in a pile of leaves and build a snowman. She could play with Kate and Claire and Lily. Therese could teach her how to swim. And it sure would be nice to drop her off one night at Monica's or Becky's so Mike and I could go to a movie. We've seen ONE in the past 21 months.

I miss having a network of friends, especially now. It has been nice having so many visitors recently. Perhaps I can convince some of you to stay permanently. Home prices are cheap...


Advocate Guy said...

Sorry to hear it's still tough to adjust. West Virginia (and the DM) are definitely special places. You could always come back north, you know ...
Did you make yourself cry with your self-evaluation? :)

anjacara said...

What are you talking about?
This place is a nothing but teddy bears and hugs.

and as far as your 12 or so people.... I have you beat by 3 years of no eye contact WHAT SO EVER from a certain reporter.

And please let Anja and I babysit. Seriously. I would love to some sit in a nice clean house. Anja can play mom and dot on Julia and I can sit by the pool and drink beer. As I sit in this crappy newsroom that sounds like heaven. In fact let me pay you guys to go out.

Anonymous said...

The reasons to stay are few and far between. We were the same way. It's such a non-friendly area and while I made some good friends in the newsroom, the atmosphere and camaraderie is lacking by a longshot from ever other place I've worked and I don't think that's a coincidence.

Tell Mike hey.

Anonymous said...

Same holds true here in NoVa. Just not the same as Charley West.

Some Asian Guy, love your blog!