Tuesday, July 8, 2008


That pretty much sums up our week. This second round of chemo has been rough. Mike's been extra tired, but not really able to sleep through the night. He's not eating and has been lightheaded. And now worst of all, he's losing his hair.

It started coming out a few at a time in his comb. Now it's fistfuls. And we all know there's not a ton there to work with... (I don't think he minds me saying that.) In a matter of weeks, he'll have to shave his head.

We all knew this would likely happen, but he's taking it kind of hard, and I can't blame him. It's hard enough to have to deal with this stupid cancer every single day and now he's got the added worry of not looking like himself, of being self-conscious and having to endure stares and looks of pity. My heart hurts for him on this.

Maybe our bald and beautiful friend "GDirty" can give him a pep talk. Remember how you finally relented and let Kris and me rub sparkly lotion all over your head? That was a good day!

Even Julia's been off this week. On Sunday, we celebrated because she peed in the potty! Then on Monday, she peed on the floor next to the potty....

So, today's chemo went ok. It was only an hour and half, a breeze.

*As I reread this blog entry, I realize it sounds like a real downer, like we need sympathy or like we've lost hope. We haven't. It's just been a blah week. We had those before cancer too. Overall, we're still optimistic and still living life. And we even have something to cheer us up and to look forward to. We're taking a little trip to Savannah (sans baby) when this regimen of chemo is over next month. Can't wait!

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GDirty said...

Tell Mike there's nothing wrong with the shave. He should celebrate it rather that fight it b/c it feels so good so very good when you give in.

If he plays his cards right, some of the newsroom babes will take full advantage of his gloriously smooth dome. I think you know what I mean, Carrie Cherry. You and your pal Kriswise(Maramba)