Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First hair cut

Oh my. I know Julia's only 15 months old, but man, was it time for a haircut. Within the past month or so, her curls have gone WILD. So we went to Snip-Its, a cute hair place for kids, where I was fully prepared for hysterical screaming. But much to our surprise, Julia was a real trooper. It may have been the fact that they had BUBBLES! Can't go wrong with that distraction.

Anyway, her hair has been tamed and she's looking as cute as ever. To celebrate we went to Chili's for "toast," which is Julia's way of saying grilled cheese.

P.S. Below, the first picture is a before pic. The second is after.

1 comment:

anjacara said...

No way you cut off those curls?
She is still cute as a button.

I could never cut Anja's hair, which I guess is why she cut it all off herself at age 2.... http://anjacara.typepad.com/anjas_world/2006/08/so_someone_got_.html