Wednesday, January 16, 2008

15 things

about our sweet Julia on her 15 month birthday:

1. When I tell her "I love you to pieces," she says back to me "peeee says" in a sweet sing-song voice.

2. She waves "hi" and "bye" to Elmo every morning on Sesame Street.

3. She can say baby, cracker, duckie, away, keys, ready, stuck, hi, bye, dada and happy. (Still no mama.)

4. She loves to go shopping. I swear she says Target when we pull into the parking lot. She's also a huge hit with the cashiers and baggers at Publix. They gush over her cuteness (so much so they sometimes forget to bag all my groceries).

5. Every four-legged creature is "Casey," the name of Grandma's dog.

6. She is the only person on the planet who likes my singing.

7. She loves hanging out in the ktichen with me when I'm cooking. She flips through cookbooks, unfolds napkins and rearranges spices. I can not wait until she can stand on a chair and help me bake cookies!

8. She still takes two naps a day!!! One in the morning, one in the afternoon.

9. She always wakes up in a good mood. The first thing we hear in the morning on the montior are "hi hi hi" and "baby baby baby."

10. She can sing "Ba ba black sheep." Her version goes like this "Ba ba ba."

11. She has alphabet blocks that have an object inside for each letter. The B is banana, the K is keys, etc. She knows every one of them. If you ask her to bring you the umbrella, she will. The duckie, she's got it. The watermelon, the guitar, you name it. How smart is that? Seriously?

12. She has eight teeth. Four on the top, four on the bottom.

13. She likes to turn on her CD player (yes, she can do it by herself) and dance. Her moves are bending at the knees and bobbing up and down. So cute.

14. She loves to be chased. And she laughs like a maniac the whole time.

15. She's obsessed with her belly button.

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some asian guy said...

what a sweetheart! get the "i love you to pieces" bit on video!