Sunday, November 4, 2007

Enchanted by Ella

So, I finally had some free time this morning (thanks to Daylight Saving time and Mike getting up with Julia) and I used it to drink coffee, read the paper without a 1-year-old climbing on me and finally ordering prints of all the digital photos I'd been hoarding.

And as I was shipping them off to Walgreen's something caught my eye -- a yellow and blue creature in almost every photo....

That would be Ella, Julia's stuffed elephant, bedtime companion, teething toy, snuggle bunny, source of comfort and best friend. She loves that thing. It goes everywhere. She had it when she was in the hospital this summer, it goes to Publix and Target, it's been left behind on the floor at Kohl's where it had to be searched for frantically by mom.... Ella gets around. And I don't think Julia could sleep without her. She gets so happy when she sees her. She snuggles with her at night and chews on her nose when her teeth are hurting (poor Ella is starting to look ragged).

Julia's got a new trick now though -- she likes to throw things, including Ella out of the crib, when she's fighting a nap. Then when she realizes she's ready to sleep, but Ella's on the floor, hysteria ensues. We're trying to figure out what to do about that one.

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some asian guy said...

a) we have a picture of my brother at around julia's age sleeping just like her.
b) nice trailing of the ella. (love the stroller pic.)