Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another week, another transfusion

Poor Mike. He went to chemo today and ended up getting rejected. His platelets were too low. So guess what he's doing tomorrow? Getting another transfusion. His favorite thing.

Sense the sarcasm here?

So the second dose of the first roun
d of chemo is being delayed a week. But there is some good news in all this crap. He saw Dr. Neel this morning and he looked at the lump in Mike's neck and said "excellent, excellent." He seems to think it's going down with just the one chemo drug. So he's going to start the second round with just the one drug as well. The one he held off on was one that caused a lot of side effects that landed Mike in the hospital in the first place.

And some more good news?
He weighs 158. I think it was the ribs, Marina.

I'll leave you with another photo (taken by Andrew, of course) of Julia. Who could believe that moments after this was taken, this sweet, sweet, innocent-looking girl turned into a little monster, nearly ruining another toddler's birthday party with her drama?

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Barb said...

Keep up the good fight! That little squirt from down the street and I are pulling for you big time!! What a beautiful little girl you are blessed with. She sounds alot like your sisters when they were young. You're in our prayers dude! Love, Vince and Barb