Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby bumps

My friend KrisWiseMaramba (all one word, just like that) has gone and gotten herself knocked up. Finally. I couldn't be happier for her and Philip. Or for me, because it meant getting rid of those old maternity clothes once and for all!

So Philip posted a super cute picture of Kris' tiny baby bump, while she was wearing one of the dresses I sent.

That was my favorite maternity outfit, and toward the end, the only one that would fit me. I wore it every other day. But as my due date approached, I could no longer wear cute strappy heels with it because my feet and ankles had tripled in size. I wore ballet slippers. To work.

Anyway, Kris and I have been friends for years. We are so much alike it is scary. We are both only children, which we think make us superior beings. And we are also serious smart asses. Neither of us really like people. Which is why we like each other. So it cracked me up when I found this photo Mike took of me, wearing the same dress, standing in the same pose. Only I was much much much further along than she.

So rest assured KrisWiseMaramba, that dress has plenty of stretch!!!

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KrisWiseMaramba said...

I'm testing the stretch today, let me tell you... The little guy doesn't want me to stop eating...chocolate cake, crab legs -- I'll be bursting out of the dress soon if he keeps this up!