Saturday, March 14, 2009

In the news

Mike's weird, obscure, freaky cancer made headlines this week. It was the subject of an article on a new genetic test that may actually pin down the origin of the disease. Dr. Greco, the specialist we saw in Tennessee, is quoted. I like that he's described as a "leading expert." You can read it here.

I think the test in the story is the one Mike's doctor had done this summer. He called it an assay and said it was brand new, not even on the market yet. It said the origin was small-cell lung cancer, which he and all the pathologists and other oncologists say can't be accurate, mostly because Mike's never smoked. I'm going to print that sucker out though and ask the doctor about it again. If there's a new test out there, we're getting it done.

The story does a good job of explaining exactly what carcinoma of unknown primary is, in case I haven't. It's so complex and weird. I often ask Mike why can't he just have a normal cancer... Hey -- if you can't make jokes sometimes, things can get too heavy.

Mike started a new round of chemo last week. He's feeling a little icky right now, but thinks it's more cold-related than cancer. Something's been going around the office. He has another chemo this Wednesday.

Not much else is new with us. We had a great time at the Billy Joel/Elton John concert. It really was the best concert I've even been to -- the two of them together, so good. It was great to have Lisa and Frank with us. And yes, since I don't get out much, I was the crazy girl in the top row screaming "I love you, Elton!"

We've got Marina coming this week. We're so excited! A Marina visit always means a martini!

We went to the Strawberry Festival for a pancake breakfast last week. Julia loooves her "strawbabies" and we happened to run into a photographer from work. So here's a pic.
And yes, I'm out in public without any makeup.

What's new in your world?

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