Monday, March 30, 2009

Beach baby

It's getting warm in Florida, and you know what that means... it's visitor season! Yay! Marina was here for a day and then Aunt "Soup" came to visit the week after. Next week, my best friend Tara is coming down, and the Casales are coming for Easter.

We love having guests. And this year, we finally got the guest room in order. So book your reservations now! We'd love to have you. (And thanks to Gannett forcing us to take another week of furlough, we certainly have the time...)

Julia was so crazy about Sue. You'll notice that I'm not in any of these photos from our beach day. Julia wanted nothing to do with mama. I tried to squeeze in for a pic and was summarily dismissed with a "No mama. Aunt Soup."

Mike's starting a new round of chemo Wednesday. He'll have one next week and then scans the week after. He's been feeling pretty good these days. We're still keeping our fingers crossed.

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