Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A date with chemo

June 3
9 a.m.
MIMA Cancer Center
That's when it starts.

For 5 hours next Tuesday, Mike will have a steady stream of two cancer-killing drugs running through his system while I sit next to him and visually picture the tumor melting away. That's what the doctor said could happen -- the ideal result -- is for the tumor in his neck to melt away. If this cancer could be cured by sheer will and determination, it would be gone by the end of the month...

We met with Mike's oncologist here in Melbourne today -- Dr. Jim Neel. He pretty much concurred with the opinion from the Moffitt Cancer Center but he'll be adding a third chemo drug to Round 2.
He told us that while most people with this cancer don't survive a year, Mike has a lot of things going in his favor and believes he could respond well to the chemo. We learned this is a Stage IV cancer, but that's pretty much the norm for carcinoma of unknown primary.

We are eager to get started on chemo but nervous about its side effects and effectiveness.
Dr. Neel told us there are miracles all the time in his clinic and we should start thinking positive thoughts.

So that's what we're doing and we hope you'll keep sending your positive thoughts our way too.

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Marla Q. said...

Hi Mike and girls! Quilla Chickie sends postive vibes and her Kristy angel to hang with you all during this "blip" of time. I know you will kick this to the curb in no time flat. Your daughter is so adorable! Peace and Love, Marla