Saturday, July 21, 2007

Feeling better

That fever I mentioned before -- it wasn't teething. Turns out Julia had a urinary tract infection, which wasn't determined until after her temperature spiked to 104.5 and we were admitted to the hospital for numerous tests, which weren't pleasant for anyone, most of all our sweet girl.
We spent three nights at Cape Canaveral -- which by the way has the nicest nursing staff -- for three nights. We are so thankful it was nothing more serious but man, what a stressful time. It is so hard to watch your tiny baby being poked with needles and hooked up to an IV. And why are cribs in hospitals made to look like metal cages? Julia ended up sleeping in bed with me, because frankly, neither one of us could stand those contraptions.
Anyway, after several doses of antibiotics and lots of TLC we got to come home. Julia was soooo happy to be able to crawl again. And we are so happy our girl is feeling better....

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anjacara said...

I can't even imagine how stressful that was. Anja skinned both of her knees pretty bad this morning, and that made my heartbreak.
Glad everything turned out OK