Friday, July 10, 2009

Little people everywhere

Julia was in all kinds of heaven this weekend, with lots of new friends to play with. We were in heaven too, having the Spradlings and the Harlans in our neck of the woods. Man, do we miss everyone back in Charleston.

Some funny highlights: Julia told Myssy she loved her and she's pretty stingy with that!! And she told Jim and Jill: You come back, OK? Julia and Claire hung out in Julia's room and tried on shoes and jewelry. That Claire is a hoot. I was hoping she could teach Julia to pee in the potty for me!!

Some Spradlings and some Cherrys. I'm taking the pic and Claire was taking a diva break!

Two cuties and their floaties.

Audrey is so beautiful.

This cutie is Reuben. (Sorry Jim, didn't mean to cut you out of the pic, but I had to zoom in on this sweet little face!)

And this little sweetie is Paul, who I swear is NOT drinking a beer!

As for everything else, Mike and I survived this round of layoffs at our newspaper. Surprisingly, there were only three from the newsroom who got cut. We were expecting much worse.

And we're still trudging along with chemo. Mike started his third round last week. The doctor wants four (which is one more round than he had the first time) and then he'll do some scans to see where things stands. Just judging by our eyes (and the doctor's) the lump in Mike's neck is getting smaller. He's having a few complications from the drugs -- he had to have a blood transfusion on the 4th of July because his red blood cell counts were low and now his white cells are down, so he's had to have a few shots of some kind of medicine. Can't think of the name. But for the most part, he's feeling pretty good.

So that's what's happening here. How's your summer?

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