Sunday, December 7, 2008

In the spirit

So we finally put up the Christmas tree this weekend. Everyone's getting in the spirit -- even Julia who learned her first Christmas carol. If you can get through the minute or so of me begging and pleading in this video, you can hear it.

She's obsessed with the Christmas tree -- not sure how we're going to keep her from yanking the ornaments off or climbing up it or eating the lights. Check out what she did with Ella while we were putting the tree up...

It's kind of hard to feel all Christmasy in Florida. Especially when I've been hearing from friends how cold it is back home and how pretty the snow is. I've seen several facebook updates talking about making chili or curling up by the fireplace. And I've been in such a funk because I miss that so much.

But then we had a day in Florida like Saturday. Mid 70's, clear sky, sunny and perfect. A day for lounging in the hammock.


Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart! Talked to your mom last night and she mentioned that you might put this out for everyone to see and hear. Can't wait to see her when I get to Florida.

Take care. Praying for you daily.

Illinois Nancy

some asian guy said...

finally get to hear this outside the newsroom. great voice! hope all continues to be well.

peace. and hope. and love.

k. & p.