Monday, October 13, 2008


Mike had his CT scan Friday and we'll find out how it went on Tuesday morning. We've been trying to stay pretty busy so we're not constantly thinking about it. Not sure how well that is going...

We've been busy at work, taking care of this cutie:

baking these yummy pumpkin spice cookies with cinnamon icing:

reading this book a dozen times a day:

and assembling this for Julia's birthday:

And here's a little something from cancer world that really strikes me as odd. Cancer seems to have run amok in our newsroom. (and I just mean the newsroom of about 50 or so people, not advertising, classified, anywhere else in the building..)

Aside from Mike there are three other people who have recently been diagnosed. A few months before Mike, a co-worker was diagnosed with lymphoma. She essentially retired right after and I'm not sure of her prognosis. A month or so after Mike, another co-worker was diagnosed with lymphoma. We just found out last week that she is now cancer-free, so thank God for that. But also last week, we learned that a former co-worker, who spent about 20 years at the paper, has cancer.

I've heard from one person that it was lymphoma and from another it's leukemia. Either way, they're both classified as blood cancers, and Mike's initial diagnosis was also lymphoma.

It's probably coincidence, but it makes me shake my head. I mean, I've always felt that everytime I walked into that building, it was sucking out my soul, but now I have to wonder if it's also making us sick.

So I'm hoping I'll have good news to post tomorrow. I think we're a little more prepared this time than last. Last time, it never occured to me that the cancer could have actually gotten worse. This time, I think we're ready to hear whatever and know that if it's not something in our favor, we'll just move onto option 3.

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