Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catching up

So much has been going on that we've been neglecting the blog. But have no fear. Lots of pics are on the way. These are from Easter. (Well the first one is a cutie pic of Julia playing in the yard... but I couldn't resist.) Aunt Lisa, Uncle Frank, Nick and Madison came in from Naples for the weekend. We had a little Easter egg hunt around the house and Julia was all into it. Not sure she grasped the concept but she liked finding the eggs, and she especially liked all her loot from the Casales and Nana. It's a week later, and she's still carrying around her Elmo basket. Julia was shy around her cousins for about a minute then became a total showoff for the whole weekend. I know she misses Mad too. Every now and then, she'll just say "Madison" out of the blue. So cute.

Coming soon, pictures from Julia's wild, wonderful West Virginia trip....

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