Friday, February 8, 2008

Back by popular demand

Here it is. Another video of Julia, as requested by Philip and Aunt Lisa. It's the right way up, but there's not a whole lot of action. I just happened to have the camera nearby during lunch the other day. But what is key here is that she sings a little song, AND...... after some begging, she says MAMA! That's right. She's saying it now. Not a whole lot, but enough.

It's about time, I say. She's only been saying dada since July.

The meltdown at the end is because Julia wants to see the pictures of the "baby" on the back of the camera. I can hardly have the camera or my cell phone out because of this.

Next up, I'll try to capture some video of her dance moves.

1 comment:

boo said...

Awww ... Julia has inherited her dad's love of pizza. Will it be chicken wings next? Nice camera work, Mama!