Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A week in the life

It's been a while since I've posted any pics of my cutie girl! I'm a bad mama, I know. But it's been hectic around here. So hopefully this will make up for it! We went to lunch at Goombay's Sunday with friends Jason, Cara and Cara's cutie girl, Anja. A good time, until Julia needed a nap!

Here's evidence of the home destruction I wrote about before. hehehe. This is Julia joyfully yanking down CDs by the dozen. This morning, I counted 20 on the floor!

And this week..... we tried spaghetti! Julia wasn't a huge fan at first. I think it's the texture of the noodles. She made some great ick faces. And as you can see, it was super messy!

I just love this pic. Julia stood in the window watching Mike working outside, putting chemicals in the pool and cutting the grass. She was so cute. She stood there for such a long time. Couldn't take her eyes off Dada!

And the last one.... I think I could have a girly girl on my hands. She had such a good time going through all my nail polish. This provided a good half an hour of entertainment. I think she likes pink the best.

Anyway, we'll be taking Julia to the hospital this week, as an outpatient thankfully, for some tests. It won't be a good day for any of us. But hopefully we'll get some good news that our sweet girl is all better and won't have to have surgery to make sure she's not going to keep getting UTIs.

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Lil said...

Very cute girl. She is getting so big. Good luck with her test.
Love ya all.